How Do I Check My Barclays Account Balance Online?


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The solution is a simple one as all you need to do is go to Barclays' website at then you need to be registered for online banking. Once you do that you will have the opportunity to do a range of things. This includes moving money between accounts, making payments, billing people, setting up direct debits and standing orders as well as taking advantage of a range of benefits.

But if you are not a member or do not own a current Barclays Bank account then it is a really simple process. All it takes is the simple click of a few buttons and you will have the chance to register in less than five minutes. You will also be able to see statements, open an e-savings account and look at instant savings accounts or ISAs as well as bonds and trust funds.

Barclays ensures the maximum security as they are a bank so usually you will need additional security details in order to access the full service. This will be sent to you by post after you register and you will also need to obtain a pinsentry code where you can expect an added level of security and works like a chip and pin situation especially when you are making transfers.

The Barclays Premier account has a range of benefits including travel insurance, phone insurance and much more. The price of this per month is around £25.
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Log on to your banks web site. Register your details and you can then check your account and balance.
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I want to check my barclays account
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You got to sign up to online banking

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