How To Check My Account Balance In Bank Of Baroda, Golghar Branch, Gorakhpur Online?


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Unlike the majority of high street banks nowadays, customers of the Bank of Baroda cannot check their bank balance online straight away. If they wish to access online banking, then customers will have to follow a series of steps before they can log in.

• The first step that customers should do is download the correct internet banking form. These can be found from the home page by clicking the link 'Download application form' and selecting the 'retail users/corporate users' link.
• If you hold an individual account then you should select the 'retail' form.
• Complete the form and make sure all the right parts are signed. In the case of joint bank accounts, make sure both parties have read through the form and signed it.
• You will then need to submit this form with the branch where the account was opened.
• The customer's user identification will be given by post at the communication address.
• The password will be released separately from the Bank branch where the application was submitted.

Once you have done all this and received your new log in information, you will need to follow a series of steps to log in online for the first time.

• Open up your Internet and go to the website
• Click on the 'net banking' link and select your country.
• Click on either the 'retail user' or 'corporate user' depending on which applies.
• You will be directed to the log in page.
• Type in your user ID and password. The password will be case sensitive.
• Click the 'go' button once.
• You will be directed to a terms and conditions page.
• After reading through, click on the agree button.
• You will be asked to change your password.
• You will now be able to access you bank account over the Internet.

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