I Want To Check My Account Balance In Hdfc Bank I have My Account Number?


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Firstly, it is not a great idea to give out your account number to the whole of the Internet. Identity fraud is a major risk of late; all your personal details should be kept just that.

There are several ways of checking your account balance. Firstly, you could head to a local branch of HDFC and head to the cashier. There, you can ask if they can check your balance and give you a print out. You may need to provide your bank card whilst there or, if you do not have this, the cashier may ask you some security questions to ensure that it is your account.

Another easy way of quickly checking your account balance is to head to any ATM machine. You will need your bank card for this to work. Insert your card into the machine and type in your PIN code; you should then see a few options appear on the computer screen. You need to select the 'view account balance' option. Once selected you can read your balance and also obtain a printout if you need this for your records.

Many banks now have online banking and mobile phone banking, therefore if you have registered for either of these then it is simple to check your account balance this way. Either head to the bank's website and sign in with your online account details, or you can load the bank's application on your phone and again sign in and select view account balance.

There are a number of ways you can check your account balance for a HDFC bank account. If you have internet banking, you could simply login to your account and check the details. Likewise, if you have a telephone banking service or mobile banking, you can also check your balance by ringing up and talking to a customer advisor.
Alternatively if you do not have either mobile or internet banking, you can always just call into a branch and ask what your account balance is. You may need to show some proof of identification in order to access this information.

Being able to check your balance through a number of different mediums is very convenient as you can check it while on your lunch break or before going to bed at night. Even if you are really busy at work or have a lot of other commitments that may prevent you from getting to your bank branch during opening hours, having mobile or internet banking means you can keep track of your money at all times. This may help some people manage their money better and can prevent some individuals from going overdrawn and incurring additional bank charges.

If you would like to find out some more information about the services you could receive through mobile banking, including how to register for the service, follow this link:


Likewise, more information about internet banking can be found at this link:

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If you have ATM Card for your account. You can check the account balance in ATM Center.
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You can check through phone banking.

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