How Can I Check My Bank Balance Online?


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Most if not all of the high street banks provide online banking nowadays. Checking your account and doing your banking online is very simple and easy to access and it allows you to do a variety of things not only checking your account but to pay bills and generally manage your account any time you want to day or night.

1.  You need to go to your banks online homepage.  You can do this by typing the name of your bank into any search engine.

2.  Follow the link to their online banking as you will need to register as an online banking customer if you are not already registered to do so.  Until you have registered you cannot access your banks online banking facilities.

3. You will be asked to fill in some information such as name, address, date of birth, bank details etc.

4.  You will then be asked to create a Username and Password, and answer some security questions. It is important that you remember your username and password as you will need them in order to log into your account.  You should also remember your security answers because you may be asked for them occasionally as a form of security just to check that you are the person who holds the account.

5. Never tell anyone your ID Username, Password or security answers.

6.  You may be sent an online customer number that you will need to enter when you log in to your account.

7. Never tell anyone this customer number.

8.  Once your registration is complete a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you put down on the form when you registered.

9.  Go to your email page and open the email from your bank and click on the link in order to activate your online banking account.

10.  You can now return to your banks homepage online and simply log in using your username and password.

11.  You now have access to your account anytime and to the other online banking facilities.

12.  By clicking on the correct link you will be able to see an up-to-date statement of your account.
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Vikash Swaroop answered
The facility of net-banking is being provided by most of the modern banks and while opening your account if you have opted for the net-banking option, you will be provided with your password with which you can access your account online and can do transaction and can check balance also through net.

The process you need to follow is to open the website of the particular bank where you have your account and there you will find the option of accessing your account. You can click on the option and then will open the page where the bank will ask for the data to check your whether you are genuine or not and then you can access the account to check your balance.

But while following the process of net-banking, I would recommend you to do it from a safe PC so that your records can not get exposed to wrong kind of people.
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David Mathley answered
You go to your banks website and sign up for online banking then go to your account and it will show your balance.
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Allsmart answered
Arthur is right if you open up your bank account number online then it could be dangerous for your bank account security
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Arthur Wright answered
Can't help you but a warning here, you just gave out your account info to every criminal mastermind in the world who monitors these open websites for this very info and knw exactly what to do with it someday so alert your bank for any suspicious activity and/or close this account and reopen a new one with online access before you experience a financial nightmare

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