What Is An Advertising Medium?


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An advertising medium is a particular method used by a company to publicise its products or services. There are a wide variety of different advertising mediums that a company might choose to use in order to spread its message and appeal to potential customers.
The most popular advertising mediums in the present day include mass communication media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. Companies also use advertising mediums such as direct mail and billboards to attract the attention of the general public.
Mediums such as television and radio can be particularly expensive since these are the mediums that can reach out to the largest number of people. Generally speaking it is only larger companies with bigger resources and revenues that tend to advertise through these mediums, particularly those companies in competitive multi-million pound industries such as telecommunications.
The growth of new media means that, globally, the Internet is expected to overtake newspapers as the second biggest advertising medium in the near future. Television is the largest advertising medium currently, but experts believe that Internet advertising will join television as the only media with spending in excess of $100 billion by the year 2014.
For smaller businesses operating at a local level, however, television, radio and Internet advertising can prove too expensive. Handing out leaflets and flyers is an easy and comparatively cheaper way of spreading awareness of your brand. Alternatively companies may use direct-mail to send information straight to the homes of potential customers. However this would prove somewhat more expensive because of the postage costs involved.
Local newspaper advertising is another popular way commonly used by local businesses to advertise to their customer base. However, aside from cost, businesses must think of their target audience when considering which advertising medium to use.
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The medium that carries the advertiser's message is the vital connection between the company that manufactures a product or offers a service and the customer who might wish to buy it. Although a plural term Media commonly describes channels of mass communication such as television, radio, newspapers and magazine, it also refers to other communication vehicles such as direct mail, out of home media (transit, billboards, etc), specialized media (aerial/blimps, inflatable), specialty advertising items (imprinted coffee mugs, balloons) and new communication technologies such as interactive television, fax and satellite networks.

Advertising media can be classified into six major categories: print, electronic, out-of-home, direct mail, digital interactive and other media.

The term print media refers to any commercially published, printed medium__ such as newspapers and magazines__ that sells advertising space to a variety of advertisers. It is the most effective way of disseminating the information to masses.

The electronic media of radio and television is used to be called the broadcast media. But with the advent of cable television, many programs are now transmitted electronically through wires rather than broadcast through the air.

The major categories of out-of-home media are out door advertising and transit advertising

Companies mail their advertising directly to perspective customers without using one of the commercial media forms. This is called direct-mail advertising.
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An advertising medium is basically the channel or form of advertisement through which a company chooses to promote their product or service. There are many number of advertising mediums which include television, radio, magazines, fliers, handouts, billboards, etc.

Some mediums can be quite expensive, like television and radio, which have per second airtime costs. Others are relatively cheap, such as fliers and handouts, which can cost very little per leaflet/paper, depending on the amount you create.

The type of advertising medium you choose all depends on what type of product or service you are trying to promote. Cellular communication companies, for example, have to constantly advertise on most of the expensive mediums, like television, radio, and billboards, because there is a lot of competition in that field, and if you don't advertise that way, then your competitor will, and they will most likely take over your market.

For smaller companies, advertising doesn't have to be so much trouble. Some products do well by just being advertised on fliers and handouts; and even by word of mouth, which is, surprisingly, also another medium of advertising. Word of mouth advertising can be very effective at times, as well, and it costs absolutely nothing!
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Ad medium refers to all channel that could be use to carry ad messages to the target audience while ad vehicles are the traditional media like TV,RADIO ETC
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Advertising medium is the source through which you advertise. An advertisement medium can be defined as the collection of advertising modes, methods, and ways of a particular type. For example Television is an advertising medium, internet is another advertisement medium. Other Examples of advertisement mediums that are used a lot include Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Billboards and Hoardings etc.

While deciding to choose an effective advertising medium for the advertisement of your product you should keep the following factors in your mind:

1. Your Target Audience. You should choose a medium that is most easily and most frequently accessed by the target market for your product. For example you will not advertise computers and gadgets in women fashion magazine.
You need to consider the both the demographics and psychographics of your target audience.
2. Your Communication Goals: This includes the number of people you want your message to be conveyed too. For example Television can reach a higher number of people than a magazine specific for computers. You should keep the Reach, Frequency and Gross Rating points of the medium you choose.

I hope it answers your question to your satisfaction. If you need any more explanation, please feel free to post another question any time you wish to.
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