What Is Advertising Agency? Why Agencies Are Used?


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Advertising Agency: Advertising agency is a specialized type of institution which conducts the function of advertising of the products in the market. The development of advertisement has been associated with the growth of such agencies. It is a service organization composed of one person or group of persons who are experienced and skilled in this field. The advertising agency usually has various departments i.e. Marketing research department, layout, sales, and art; copy and mechanical departments. Some large companies have there own advertising departments and the services of an outside agency may also be hired.    Reasons of the use of agencies services: Advertising agency renders professional services to business community. It may measure the pulling power of its client's advertising it can also provide marketing research facilities on practically any stage of selling's largest companies hire the services of reputable advertising agencies.    1. Independent institution: Advertising agency is an independent institution which can take important and immediate decision for the achievement of its outside objectives.  2.  Wide experience: Advertising agency has wide experience of advertising the various types of products in the different markets. Agency has some specialists who know how to use the various channels of distributions and can determine the suitable media of advertisement.    3. Valuable services: The great source of revenue of advertising agency is media commission which cannot be available to advertiser if he contacts direct with the media for publication space or broadcast time. So advertiser cannot cost the large part of the services of advertising agency.    4. Satisfactory function: Agency must perform a satisfactory job with the object of receiving remuneration. It has to remain alert to opportunities because its client may change agency at any time in case of default.    5. Economical sources: It is most economical to engage the services of advertising instead of maintain separate advertising department. Because the agency may spread the expenditure of certain services over a number of accounts.
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Advertising Campaign is a series of creative advertisement messages that Share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). More Information about Good Advertising Agencies click here site :   

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Hi, it is an institution which is specialised in promoting
goods and services in the market. Most of the time, businesses outsource their
advertising functions to an agency as the latter is more experienced to create
effective advertisements. However, this increases the costs of the firm because
the specialists have to be paid.

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