What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertisement In Society?


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These are the disadvantages of advertising:

Increases the cost:
It increases the cost of goods. The cost of the advertisement is included in the price and is ultimately borne by the customers.

Misleads the public:
It misleads the public by giving false statements about the product. (It may be true in some cases but majority of advertisers know the value of honest statements.)

Creates a dissatisfaction:
It creates tastes and desires for some people whose income may not allow them to buy. Such people feel dissatisfied.

Creates a monopoly:
It increases monopolistic trend. Due to advertisement some manufacturers create monopoly in industry and thus reduce healthy competition. It becomes difficult for new firms to enter the field.

Creates the confusion:
It creates the possibility of wrong purchases. Being impressed by the advertisement, in some cases, a person is not able to purchase the commodity, which he actually wants to purchase.

Encourages luxury:
This encourages luxury. Mostly the commodities related to comforts and luxuries are advertised, for example, cigarettes, cosmetic goods and etc. due to advertisement of cigarettes several persons start smoking cigarettes, which becomes habit.

Reduces cleanliness:
It reduces cleanliness. Large number of posters and writings on the walls are used for advertisement. This makes the roads and the walls of the houses look dirty. Thus, it reduces the natural beauty.

Causes wastage:
It is a cause of wastage of natural resources. As a results of advertisement, style and fashion change quickly. It makes the goods out of fashion.
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There are various merits and demerits of advertisements. The major benefit of advertisements is that it creates the awareness of the products and the services among the consumers. Secondly, it increases the sales of the company thereby, increasing the financial benefits to the company. Thirdly, advertisements create brand awareness among the consumers and increase the visibility of the company. Fourthly, advertisements also provide vast coverage. On the other hand, the demerit of the company is the high costs which the company incurs. Secondly, the company can over-emphasize the features of the products or services. This creates a gap between the expected functionality and the actual performance of the products. Advertisements can also increase the price war among the competitors.
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Following are the merits and demerits of Advertisements:
- It helps people in choosing products and satisfying their needs
- It helps in bringing awareness
- Are good source of entertainment
- It creates undue hype in people of certain products
- Promotes bad things like smoking, drinking etc
- Can create complexes in people.
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The advantages are:
The products can be known by public easily,
consumer can knowledge about new products,
Can increase the demand

the disadvantages are:
People might misuse the product name,
The advertisement might might give the wrong information.
The price of product have to be increased for advertising cost.
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Demerits of advertising
Advertisement is not an unmixed blessing. It has certain demerits which are as follows:
Economic waste
One of the major arguments advanced against advertising is that it leads to economic waste. The advertisers invest huge amount of money on publicity of their products which becomes a part of the cost of production.
Producers do not lower the cost per unit
Production of goods on a large scale definitely reduces the cost per unit
Sovereignty of the consumers
The sovereignty of the consumers is greatly destroyed by the various media of the advertising.

Restricts competition
The effective advertising by a few firms in the same line of production discourages the entry of the new firms in the industry. It thus restricts competition and creates monopoly.
Burden on the consumers
The introduction of the new commodities change designs in dresses etc. affects the minds of the customers.

Causes of unhappiness
Advertising causes unhappiness and dissatisfaction to those people who cannot buy the new products introduced through advertising. They in order to purchase the new things often adopt unfair means for raising their incomes.
Truth in advertising
The advertisers sometimes give misleading picture of their products. The misrepresentation, falsehood, deception in advertising is a cheating of the innocent customers.
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Advertising has opened new horizons of information for consumers and it also gives vast exposure towards different products but this art exploits us by introducing new trends in a society and then making them adoptable by showing us that this stuff is cool and we will look cool if we adopt it also.For example the stunts and acts of bravery shown in the soft drink's and cigarette ads.
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Bad advertising says a lot about the advertiser but provides no solutions to problems or satisfaction of needs to prospective or existing customers.FOR EXAMPLE; a bad advert for a plumber would be "H. Jones Ltd. Plumber; established in 1970; no job too small; competitive rates", followed by address, telephone number.

A GOOD ADVERT; "LEAKING TAP? LEAKING ROOF? Call NOW ON (phone number) for expert help from Harry Jones - been plumbin' nearly 40 years! And here's what our customers have to say about the jobs we've done for them - -" and now include at least 3 testimonials from customers whose problems you've successfully solved; in this instance yours probably want to include one from a loyal customer, e.g. "We always call Harry Jones because...."

Too much advertising is a waste of money; unless your advert persuades customers to DO something, keep your money in your pocket.
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There are a number of advantages of advertising. The first advantage is that it is a source of marketing for a company and it increases the market attractiveness for a product or a service. The ultimate goal of any company is to increase the sales volume and advertising can always facilitate sales of a company to increase. The second benefit is from customers' point of view because the markets are getting very competitive and advertising can always make the customers aware of the products and services available. Third advantage of advertising is that there are various forms of advertising and small companies can go for cheap form of advertisements like flyers and printed ads. Moreover, advertising can always help the company to position itself in the market, with the image which the company really wants to attain.
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Well advertisement media are many as you asked I ud direclty tell you the advantages and disadvantages ok.
Advantagestext: 1) wide coverage 2) attracts the attention of the viewers 3) it appeals to both dumb and deaf people 4) attractive in nature

disadvantages:text: 1) costly 2) tedious process 3) feedback cannot be got from public 4) no personal touch 5) the marketer cannot clarify the doubts.

Advantages:text 1) reaches the customer 2) can contact them easily 3) less time consuming

disadvantages:text 1) only selected people can get the mails 2) possibility of mails being unread 3) unsolicited mails

Advantages:text 1) wide coverage 2) less time consuming 3)

disadvantages:text 1) not applied for illeterate 2) costly 3 3) no personal touch

Advantages:text 1) attractive 2) less costly 3) recognition

disadvantagestext: 1) only those people who have access for net can see them 2) no personal touch 3) less awareness

Advantages:text 1) reach when the people are out of home 2) attractive 3) less costly 4) less time consming

disadvantages:text 1) traditional media 2) no personal touch 3) demonstration is not possible
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The major advantage of using various advertising media is that you are recognized by majority of your customers. Consequently, more consumers and increased sales. Large scale advertising creates sense of trust in your customers. They start to recognize you as an authentic source of fulfilling their needs.

The major disadvantages is increase in the cost. This directly affects the profit margin. Large scale advertising is preferred for long term planning.

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* Ads makes us realize our rights and duties.
* It makes us aware about the functions going on.
* Ads are economical.
* The products are evaluated and properties are highlighted so that people could buy good things.
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The age we live in is the age of mass consumption and mass production, given the abundance of brands in products and services rendered it's often very hard to distinguish your product in the din of consumer market. Advertising can give us that sort of an edge to compete and get acknowledged for our uniqueness in the market place. An effective advertising campaign with the appropriate mix makes for a very potent offering in terms of ROI. Theoretically advertising is defined as the projection of the client's marketing department into the consumer market ( McGraw Hill ). It requires a feedback process as well to figure out the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and to figure out if the intended projection is close to the consumer's perception of the product. Some benefits of advertising can be enumerated as follows :-
  • It helps in getting your product the intended recognition in the consumer market and distinguish it from other similar brands and offerings.
  • Educating the customer.
  • Ensures greater return on investments.
  • Updating the consumer perception and reaching to the minds and hearts of the customers, thus tilling the grounds to build a solid foundation for customer relationship management.
  • Competing with the competition and reaffirming the product's positioning.
  • Highlighting the unique selling points.
  • Promoting more effective sales.
  • Bringing about social change and give rise to new trends.
  • Creation and reinforcement of brand loyalty and building a cumulative brand equity over time.
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  *  Allows you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area
    * You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper
    * Your ad can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as you care to tell
    * Exposure to your ad is not limited; readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired.
    * Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available
    * Quick turn-around helps your ad reflect the changing market conditions. The ad you decide to run today can be in your customers' hands in one to two days.


    * Ad space can be expensive
    * Your ad has to compete against the clutter of other advertisers, including the giants ads run by supermarkets and department stores as well as the ads of your competitors
    * Poor photo reproduction limits creativity
    * Newspapers are a price-oriented medium; most ads are for sales
    * Expect your ad to have a short shelf life, as newspapers are usually read once and then discarded.
    * You may be paying to send your message to a lot of people who will probably never be in the market to buy from you.
    * Newspapers are a highly visible medium, so your competitors can quickly react to your prices
    * With the increasing popularity of the Internet, newspapers face declining readership and market penetration. A growing number of readers now skip the print version of the newspaper (and hence the print ads) and instead read the online version of the publication.
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Advantages and Disadvantages are really only noticed for certain industries and/or certain target audiences.  

For the most part, cost is the biggest disadvantage and the largest advantage is reader quantity and consistency.  Much of today's population, still prefers to sit and read a printed version of a magazine or newspaper (something about the feel of the paper) and therefore, you have large groups of people reading cover to cover.

Apart from costs, the disadvantages of print are that people aren't often times in front of a computer which limits your chance of them visiting your site, calling or emailing.

My suggestion - forget advertising in magazines or newspapers.  Start a good online marketing campaign that targets organic, paid and social networking areas.  It is cheaper, traffic is better targeted and the run time is much longer than a few printings.
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1.most of the advertisements contain tall ciaims and the consumers do;nt enjoy the benefits advertisement in full.

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