What Are The Functions Of A Media Buyer?


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Media buyers are the most intimate professional counterparts of media planners as they work side by side in the advertising campaign. For a media buyer to be effective and be of great help to a media planner, he / she should fulfill some specific functions that would actually determine the level of his utility and the magnitude of his productivity.

The functions that media buyers should perform include providing accurate and complete information to the media planner (with the elements of clarity and conciseness) and selecting the media with the media planner (who will give his own insight on the merits and demerits of each medium to the media buyer). Also the function of negotiating costs with the media (channels of communication) is the job of the media buyer along with constantly monitoring the media choices he has made. Not only that but a media buyer should also conduct an appraisal of the media choices after the launch of the campaign and be responsible for the billing and payment to the mediums of communication.

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