What Are The Disadvantages Of Media?


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On the contrary, I think the media are quite useful. Anyway, if not for them, I would hardly have known about sports betting and bookmakers. I stumbled upon NBA score predictions by accident and decided to give it a try without betting too much on the first try. I didn't count on anything, but at the same time I managed to win money, which made me happy.

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The disadvantagesof media depends upon the user . The feedbacks of user determines the advantage or disadvantage of the media . For the children in use of school they search many things ,so it is useful . But  if there are  not side affects they cannot be affected .
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The media s of india are very negative because it only say about the disasters and the mysteries
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The media is a very good source of information and entertainment. Yet there are several disadvantages associated with it.
The media makes us:
  • Lazy, as human beings became addicted to the media sources available they can spare less and less time for outings and exercise;
  • Prone to be influenced by commercial messages;
  • Influenced to such an extent that a person ends up making a wrong decision e.g while buying a bar of soap one might be influenced by ads on the mass media;
  • Have access to too much information which might lead to information overload;
  • Agree on the view points of the ones in power because of the manipulative messages that they publish in the media;
  • Cause panic among public; and
  • Lead us to wrong perception that is what view point is given

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They issues sevaral small subjects to become a big issues, thats depend up on taste of viewers.

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