What Are The Functions Of A Reference Group?


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In most situations, individuals seek someone for company, for help, for support or for a host of many other reasons. Isolation is not an option these days as the ongoing pace with which developments are occurring and things are changing is not empowering individuals (even introverts) to remain isolate. Because if they adopt the choice of isolation, it will be impossible for them to survive as survival today means to be updated about all that is happening around and for that one needs to remain in constant contact with the outside world and the people around him.

For this purpose, every person has a reference group. A reference group is a group that consists of people, whom a person feels comfortable with and shares an intimate relationship with. This is particularly necessary for the emotional well being of a person. As for the functions of a reference group, there are three of them. Firstly they provide information to the individual that helps the individual be updated and adapt to all the changes that are happening in the society. Secondly, a reference group provides a means of comparison in every aspect, be it personality or monetary status or achievements or anything and everything else. The last function of reference groups is, they proffer guidance when the individual is in need of it, which is most of the time. This is the most important function of a reference group when things are viewed from a contemporary perspective.

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