What Are The Example Of Print Media?


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Amanda Wells answered
Nowadays we often make a distinction between new media, which is
especially internet, TV etc, and print media, which is whatever is
written and distributed. This can be newspapers, magazines, advertising media such as brochures, leaflets, marketing letters and so on. It can also be media for factual purposes such as scientific journals.
David V Hook Profile
David V Hook answered
A print media makes a long-lasting impression. Magazines, Logo design, Greeting cards, Flyers, Brochures, Print ads, Newsletter designing, Banners, and Billboard, Letterheads, Notepads, Greeting cards and other materials that are physically printed on paper are examples of print media.
One of the most important reasons why print media is important is because it creates credibility. If you are serious about your business and what you are offering to other either product or service, Then investing in printed material signal to a customer is very important. Printed materials can also create engagement between the customer and the brand.

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