What Are The Elements Of A Media Plan?


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A media plan is developed by a media planner in order to maintain an effective control over the flow of information as well as to ensure the compatible and cohesive contribution of each and every media component in accordance with the resources spent to develop those media components.

The major elements of a media plan are inclusive of a background and situation analysis that talks about conducting research that thoroughly explores each facet of the target segment, the brand, the organization, the industry, the advertising campaign and all other aspects that are germane to the phenomenon of media planning. The second element in the plan is the determination of media objectives that will help in fulfilling the media plan along with aperture opportunities that will tell the ideal time for the media planner to communicate to the target audience.

Next in line is the selection of media or the media mix that will play a mutual role in reaching the target audience and would synchronize with the media objectives and the situation analysis. The last element in the media plan is the flow chart that is an encapsulation of the entire media plan or in an easier mode of illustration, the blueprint of the media plan.

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