What Are The Functions Of A B.P.O?


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A BPO or a business process outsourcing firm is a third party company that handles tasks for the client company. Let me give you an example: an American company hires an independent BPO in the Philippines for staff leasing. In this scenario, the client is the American company and the BPO is the service provider in the Philippines. A BPO or outsourcing firm handles tasks such as accounting, customer service, IT support, online marketing, animation, web design, and software development, just to name a few. The functions of the BPO are typically defined by the tasks (such as those mentioned earlier) and the goals of the client company.  An outsourcing firm, for example, may function like an accounting department for a startup company or as an additional accounting team to support the demands of tax season for a large company.

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BPO is a business process of outsourcing of a company at back office and front office. The BPO company offers services of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Administration, Billing, Bookkeeping, Call Center, Claims Processing, Contract Management, Customer Service etc. The main duties are just as the duties of a regular job. For example if you work as a Call center Agent then you have to answer incoming calls of the customers, give them information about products and services etc.

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