What Is The Role Of Marketing Communications In The Entire Mechanism Of Marketing?


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Marketing is the process of strategizing and implementing the ideology, pricing, promotion and distribution of a product or service and even ideas in order to cater to the needs, wants and objectives of the customer as well as the enterprise to which the specific product, service or idea belongs.

Basically marketing has four aspects, the sound combination of which is termed as the marketing mix or more precisely the four elements of the marketing mix are called the 4 P's of marketing that consist of product, pricing, place (channels of distribution) and promotion. The last element of the marketing mix that is promotion is also termed as marketing communications. It is the element that actually becomes the source of introducing the product to the final consumer that intrigues the consumer towards the product and motivates him to enquire furthermore about its price and other vital feature. The role of marketing communications is very important as it is the basic source that edifies the consumer about the existence of the product on a general basis.

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