Where Do I Mail My Federal Taxes?


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You should mail your federal taxes to the IRS. The tax returns are filed in various different locations depending on your circumstances and where you live. Access the government website in order to find out the specific address you need to mail to.
Always make sure you file your tax return, which might include saving it on your computer. However, a risk comes along with this as computers can get viruses or files accidentally be deleted. As a precaution it is a good idea to print off a copy or send it in an e-mail to yourself; ensuring you have a backup option.
In addition you can get a tax return professional prepared and mailed to the IRS. Furthermore, keep in mind that you should file tax returns early because the longer you wait, the longer it will take for the paperwork to go through and you to receive your refund; the reason being that paper returns take longer to be registered than electronic ones.
What’s more always make a copy because you can never guarantee that there won’t be complications during the mailing service, so at least if something does go wrong you will have a duplicate. 
You and your partner must not forget to sign the return because your tax refund could be delayed for months if unsigned. If your taxes are prepared by a separate party then make sure the ‘power of attorney’ section is filled in. When everything is completed you can go forward with the process and post it to the IRS.
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I live in minnesota. What address do I mail my Federal tax return to?
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If I live in hanford, california where do I mail my federal tax returns?
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I live in Eugene, OR where do I mail my federal tax forms?
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try that out. You can go by state and by form. Hope it helps
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You mean, where do you mail the check?  Or where do you mail the return to (with or without check)?

Anyway, the address is on the envelope in the back of the instruction booklet for specific return you are filling in.

I fill out the forms for people living overseas in Europe, and get to send my 1040 to

Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin TX 73301-0215

Best if you use the labels that come with the return instruction booklet, because they have different coloured labels on them (white for payers and blue for non-payers).

Use this interactive map to look up where to send your return to, it depends where you are sending it from.
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It depends on where you live. Call a tax office in your area. They will be able to tell you. Hope this helps you.

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