Where Do I Mail My Louisiana Tax Return To?


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You should mail your Louisiana tax returns to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The mailing address to which you should send your tax returns is Louisiana Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 3440, Baton Rouge, La 70821-3440. You can get the forms to be filled with the tax returns from the official website of Louisiana Department of Revenue.

This website would also give you the instructions and answer your queries and doubts about anything related to taxes and their paying procedures. It is better to pay your tax returns on time and well before the last date because after the last date you would be fined for not paying them on time with the delinquent penalty. The official website can be accessed through this link
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The LA tax return has become near impossible to understand and prepare properly.  I have begun filling in my adjusted income and leaving the remaining blank.  The morons that put this nightmare together can complete it.

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