Where Do I Mail My Colorado State Tax Return?


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All tax returns in Colorado should be mailed to the Colorado Department of Revenue, 1375 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80261. Adding a ‘Plus - 4’ number to this address will guarantee that your details are routed in the right direction and the correct office deals with your returns and payments.

Sending your tax return to the correct office first time round will allow your payment to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sending the files to the wrong office will result in a delay in your payment and possible further charges.

Colorado state tax forms can be downloaded for free from the Colorado Department of Revenue website ( The state officials prefer that you fill in the forms electronically either via the state-specific program called Netfile or via the IRS website’s program FreeFile.

If it is not possible for you to fill out the forms electronically or you do not wish to, for good reason, then you can mail them using the address that’s relevant for your circumstances. If you are having problems filing your Colorado state tax return then you can contact the Department of Revenue via their website or by phone. If you take your unfilled forms into the department with you, someone may be able to help talk you through filling out your forms to ensure that you have included all of the correct information.

An accountant can also give you accurate advice on how to deal with tax returns professionally and appropriately. You should consider this a priority because of how you can be levied with substantial penalty if payment is late.
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Colorado Department of Revenue
1375 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80261

Use the following "Plus-4" numbers to get returns and payments routed to the correct tax office within the department:

80261-0004 notice of deficiency, tax protests, delinquent tax payments
80261-0005 individual income tax, property tax/rent/heat rebate applications, amended income tax, real estate conveyance forms
80261-0006 partnership, corporation, fiduciary income tax
80621-0007 severance tax
80261-0008 estimated, extension and e-file income tax payment coupons/vouchers
80261-0009 withholding tax, annual withholding reconciliations and miscellaneous business taxes (e.g., waste tire, fuel, heavy truck sales, aviation)
80261-0013 sales tax, use tax, county lodging, county short term rental, local marketing district tax, rural transportation authority
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Can you give me a phone number that I may call in reference to my out of state tax return?
Thanks in advance.
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I filed my income tax with Turbo tax my first time every IRS was refunded already my Colorado says excepted was well but I cant get into as I did not file with them I still ahve not recived my funds looking to see what I do

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