Where Do I Mail My Utah State Tax Return?


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Though it is more easily done on, it can be done by post by sending the tax return to Utah State Tax Commission, 210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84134. It is important to know state requirements for filing tax returns and to check the requirements for filing taxes based on their income amount as well as their filing status. The process for filing taxes can be overwhelming, so it is important for individuals to know the correct steps that must be taken. First, read through the information to determine your filing status based on the previous year's income and fill out a federal tax form first because the state tax form will need information from the federal filing. Obtain a copy of Form TC-40 to complete and file the tax return. The form can be downloaded online from the Utah Department of Revenue website, and a physical copy can also be sent to the individual from the Department of Revenue. Fill out Form TC-40 by indicating your filing status as well as the number of exemptions listed on the federal filing. Include any additions or deductions on Form TC-40A which can be obtained online from the Department of Revenue. It is important that you list all deductions and additions that were made to your income so the tax filing is correct. Calculate the adjusted gross income before determining what amount of tax is owed, including federal and state deductions. Once the form is completed, give a bank account number if you want your return to be sent as a direct deposit. Finally, sign and date the form before submitting it to the Department of Revenue. Electronic forms can be signed and dated online.

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