Where Do I Mail My Virginia State Tax Return?


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The mailing address for your tax return forms should be located on the back cover of the Virginia Individual Income Tax instruction booklet. If it is not there or you are still unsure then follow this link to the website On there you will find further and more detailed official instructions on where to send your tax return forms.

If you have not already got your tax return forms then you can obtain them by visiting this website and following the links from the FAQ. Another method is to contact your local Commissioner of Revenue, Director of Finance or Director of Tax Administration. You can also request forms by calling (804) 440-2541 and follow the instructions from there. A new option is now available for people who wish to use paperless filings, FreeFile which can be found on the website through the link above.

You can also check the status of your refund online by following the link above and finding the question on that page. If you filed your forms electronically, then your refund should be processed within around 15 days. If you filed you form in paper format then you should wait at least four weeks before trying to contact a service representative as it is unlikely that they will be able to do anything to speed up the process. If you do end up getting in touch with someone, make sure that you have a copy of your tax return at hand so that you can quote any information that is asked of you.

Don’t worry if you send your form in after the due date, even if you are due a refund, there is no penalty. However, you must file a return within three years of the original date in order to claim the full refund that you are owed.
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Virginia Department of Taxation
Processing Services Division
P.O. Box 760
Richmond, VA 23218-0760
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Virginia Department of Treasury, Richmond, Va.

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