I Live In Maryland. Where Do I Mail My Federal Tax Return Form And My Maryland State Tax Form?


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The IRS or The Internal Revenue Service is an agency run by The Department of the Treasury. It currently operates ten mail centers around the USA to which mail and tax returns are sent and it is here where tax claims are calculated. In 2007, the IRS received almost 140 million Individual Income Tax returns. Though its main offices are based in Washington DC, most of its computer and administration offices are based in Maryland so very much on your doorstep.

One of the easiest ways of returning your tax forms is online. You can go to the IRS website and submit all your details, the website address is www.irs.gov. The website is self explanatory and you can even go back and check the status of your application at a later date. If you prefer to send your documentation by mail you can mail it to Revenue Administration Division, 110 Carroll Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21411. When using the postal service it is worth taking copies of all your paperwork in case it goes astray. You could also use a registered postal service with a guaranteed delivery, or a private courier company to assure your documents arrive safely. It is worth remembering that if you do use a certified mail system, it does not give priority to your claim as this can lead to a delay in the processing of your paperwork. If you choose to use a private delivery service, there is a separate postal address: Controller of Maryland, Revenue Administration Division, 80 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. The national IRS Customer helpline will assist you with any enquiries, the number is 1-800-829-1040. The direct number for the Maryland office is 410-260-7980 though they can often be overwhelmed by the vast number of enquiries.

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