Where Do I Mail My Tax Return To From Texas?


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Individual Taxpayers who reside in either Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky or Alabama it is likely you will need to file your tax return to Texas, at the following address:

Department of the Treasury
Inland Revenue Service
Austin, (zip code alternates)

There are some exceptions depending on a variety of circumstances, which we'll will come to shortly, but more often than not it will only be the zip code of the address listed above which will change, and only in reference to the department your particular form and circumstances relate to.

The following information applies to all the aforementioned states:

If you are not enclosing payment with your tax return and it is a 1040 tax return form then the zip code required will be TX 73301-0002, a 1040A tax return should be addressed to TX 73301-0015, a 1040-ES would need to have the zip code TX 73301-14. TX 73301 would be the required zip for a 1040X form, TX 73301-0045 if the form is a 4868 tax return.

If you are including payment along with your return then the following zip codes would apply respectively; TX 73301-0102, TX 73301-0115, TX 73301-0114 and TX73301. Those needing to mail a 4868 form and are including payment would be required to send it to:

Internal Revenue Service
PO BOX 1302

With the zip code addressed thus: NC 28201-1302. The Charlotte address would be needed again if sending either 1040ES or 1040ES (NR) forms, the only difference being the zip code changes to NC 28201-1300 in both cases. Finally when mailing a 1040V form with payment, and having prepared your own return then use the Texas address with the zip code TX 73301-0102, however if you have used a paid preparer instead then the Charlotte address with the zip code NC28201-1214 would be the correct department to send it to.

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