How Long Does It Take A 401k Check To Get Into Mail?


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The amount of time it will take to receive a 401k check in the mail depends upon when the money is requested. Request for a check must be made prior to the close of the market at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. The shares you have purchased are then sold on that day.

If you request after 4pm, then the shares will be sold at the end of the following working day. It will then take up to five days to transfer the money into a check and up to five more days to receive the check once it has been mailed out. When taking all of these factors into account it could take up to 14 days of request for a check to be received via mail.

A 401k is a long-term savings plan that is only available through an employer. The money paid into the plan will be taken straight out of the weekly or monthly paycheck. The amount paid into the plan is at the discretion of the employee. This money is then invested into money market funds, growth funds and stock funds, and these will all accumulate in value over a period of time. There is a maximum amount that an employee can invest in this plan, this being $16,000. The same corporation that safeguards other pension plans, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), protects the funds.

When the 401k is cashed in, the Internal Revenue Service will withhold 20 per cent of the disbursement to cover taxes. If the person cashing in the plan is under 60 then there is a 10 per cent penalty in addition to the regular income tax payable. It is possible to pay for the check to be sent by overnight express delivery, or by wire transfer. This normally means that the person cashing in the 401k will receive their money the day after the request to cash in the plan.
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    If you were only in the 401 program for a short time and some companies even require a minimum balance after leaving they will issue your money back to you. You should contact the plan supervisors and find out how to get your check re-issued. You may have to redo your paperwork for the release since you didn't cash it!

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