What Are Advantages Of Contingency Theory?


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The Fiedler Contingency Theory describes a theory of leadership and management. The theory explains the hierarchy of leadership that is applicable to organizations and companies.. The theory is based on the idea that there is always a least preferred co-worker based on their personality traits and behavior at work. According to this theory, there is no such thing as an ideal leader. Leaders are determined by the way they handle stressful situations in the workplace.

People of higher intellect and who possess logical problem solving abilities tend to handle stress better than others. Therefore, intelligent people naturally rise to the leadership level through their innate ability to handle stress well. The theory also states that people with more experience will handle stress better than others,  and therefore more experienced people will be chosen to lead. The type of leadership that a leader in a work environment uses depends on the type of work that is being performed.  For example, task-oriented work requires task-oriented leadership. Social-oriented work requires relationship-based leadership.
A contingency leadership style can lead to more effective and precise leadership. It can also help close relationships between workers and leaders develop more easily. The theory also allows the leaders to know the specific tasks they are responsible for without any confusion. Leaders are not discriminated against based on gender, ethnic background, social background, or even work experience. Theoretically, leaders would rise through the ranks based only on their abilities.

Some people oppose the principles behind the Fiedler Contingency Theory. Many say it is inflexible in its leadership style. It does not take into account all types of jobs in existence. Determining who the leader should be based mainly on the person's ability to handle stress can lead to a flawed situation. When this theory is tested in real-life situations, it often fails.
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Contingency Theory is very important in Corporate Communication Practice. Basically Contingency theory is a management approach that contributes to the attainment of organizational goal in different kinds of situation. It is also called as the situational approach. It is important for effective corporate communication practice because organizations must mould themselves to the everchanging environment. Their communication practices must also vary accordingly in order to portray an effective image in the society.

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