What Are The Aims Of Advertising?


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There are various aims of advertising but the primary aim is to attract the sales for the company. In fact, the ultimate aim of any organization is to enhance its profitability and it is only possible when the company may attract more sales. The second aim of advertising is to enhance the visibility of the products and services among the consumers. In other words, advertising is aimed to increase the awareness of the customers. Advertising also plays an important role to build the image of the organization in the market. Through ads the company can build the image which it wants to make in the minds of the people. Therefore, nowadays, companies spend a huge amount of their budgets on advertising and promotional strategies.
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The purpose of advertisement is to inform the consumers regarding the introduction of a particular commodity and its availability in the market. One of the main aims of advertisement is to create demand for new commodities by attracting the attention of people towards it. To maintain the created demand of a particular commodity with the help of constant propaganda is also an object of advertisement. Advertisement is not only undertaker to inform people about a particular commodity or service but also to instruct them regarding new uses of the old commodities. Advertisement is such a medium by which messages can be reached to very distant places. Besides this, by advertisement information can be spread in a wide area.

By advertisement price competition can be successfully removes, with its help the qualities of a particular commodity, in comparison to its competitive commodities can be made known to the public. In order to maintain the popularity of a commodity, it is necessary that the doubt regarding that commodity should be immediately removed. Advertisement also increases the present customer to make use of a particular commodity in larger quantities and repeatedly. It is also inspires the customers and brings them closer to the advertiser. Thus, it makes the sales efforts of salesman easy and simple. One of the purposes of advertisement is also to make the public and the businessman cautious about false goods and substitutes. The purpose of advertisement is also to increase the goodwill of the advertiser. It is given to reduce production and sales cost.

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