Is Advertising An Economic Waste?


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Well I do not agree with this statement! People who usually believe that advertisement is an economic waste, convey this phrase because they consider it a huge expense. They consider that advertising is become a tradition among the companies. They also argue that advertising cannot result in traceable profits. I think they look advertising from one perspective only.

This is very true that an over-commercialized way of advertising is an economic waste but an efficient and targeted advertising is very important not only for the company but for economy as well as for consumers. Think for a while that if there is no advertisement then how will you get aware of abundant of products available in the market. Advertising can give the companies a way to make the consumers aware from their products.

Advertising if at one hand, promote the products and services then at the other hand, it is making people aware of the features of the products. Different advertising can give you a comparison to different features of the products. The major brands like Nike, Gucci etc. Are famous all over the world because of their promotional strategies and advertising is among the main promotional tools.

Therefore, effective and good advertisement can increase the image and profitability of the company and it should not be considered as an economic waste.

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