What Are The Characteristics Of Great Advertising?


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Advertising employs a variety of techniques: Celebrities and spokes persons, fantasy characters, children and puppies, music, drama, significant imagery, and creative media buying. Advertising is a complex voice of marketing.

There are three broad dimensions that characterize great advertisements.

Every great advertisement is strategically sound. In other words, it is carefully directed to a certain audience, it is driven by specific objects, its message is crafted to speak to that audience's most important concerns, and it is run in media that will most effectively reach that audience. The measure of an advertisement's success is how well it achieves its goals, whether they are increased sales, memorability, attitude change or brand awareness.

The creative concept is a central idea that gets the attention and prevails in the consumer's mindset. A concern of creative thinking drives the entire field of advertising. Planning the strategy calls for creative problem solving, research efforts are creative; the buying and placing of the advertisements in the media (newspapers / television) are creative.

Good advertisers know that how a message is conveyed is just as important as what is being said in the advertisement. What is said comes from the strategy; whereas how the message is conveyed is a product of creativity and execution.

Thus, great advertisements are those that are
•Strategically sound
•Have an original creative concept
•Use exactly the right execution for the message
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To make a good advert you need to add in AFOREST which stands for:
Emotive Language
Three (Rule Of)
The rule of three means to use three facts about the product you are advertising.
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To advertise a thing is to publicize it. Now it is available to all. It must be known to all. They all should realize its value and importance. They will come to know the plus points. We may communicate with one another thorough advertisement. World is going to be a small global village as soon as possible. So we cannot deny the value of advertisement.

Advertisement is also playing a vital role in this regard. Advertisement is doing very nice for communication. It needs to be effective as well as impressive. It is better to work for the sake of good advertisement instead of useless advertisement. It must be qualitative as well as quantitative. It must be ramified in to types. It must be working. It must be mind glowing. It needs to work for the benefit of people. It should use lie to an extent. Lie must always be with in limits of digestion. It needs to be digestible. Don't go for saying bogus things. Be practical and say what it is.

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