What Are The Aims And Objective Of Tesco?


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Tesco has set out its own aims and objectives that they wish to achieve. These aims are to ‘retain loyal people’ and ‘create value for customers and earn their lifetime loyalty’.

Firstly there is retaining loyal people. These people are not described as customers but just people. This means that this mission statement is not solely aimed towards their customers. This is aimed at staff as they need loyal staff to create a working environment that thrives. No one wants to shop in a supermarket where the staff are unhappy, so keeping their staff happy adds to their customers and therefore their growth. They also wish to retain their shareholders, these are the people that keep Tesco going from the top end. Keeping these people happy is primarily by keeping money going into their pockets. This too is done by retaining loyal customers and opening new stores, which are also beneficial to customers. All of these combined are great to keep their custom base but also great ways to keep their profits rising. More profits always mean more growth and therefore a more successful company.

Their other objective that is to create value for customers and earn their lifetime loyalty. This is done by splitting this objective into the 4 P’s.

These are Product - having the right product range for the customers. This differs from store to store and area to area.
Price - keeping their prices competitive.
Place - accessible locations for customers.
Public - thinking of their public. Their corporate and social responsibility is spoken about by their PR team frequently and they do give to charity and the local community out of their profits.

Tesco can see buying patterns from their Clubcard information and this gives them the insight into what people want and what is in demand which helps achieve these customer led goals.
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Tesco is Britain's most popular retailers dealing in food items. It has around 519 stores in England and has expanded to the rest of the Europe. The main aims and objectives of Tesco are:
- Value for money
- Competitive prices
- Meeting Consumer needs
- Progressive returns on investment

For more details about the aims of Tesco, see the link below:
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1. To maximize sales    2. To grow and maintain the number one retail company in the u.k    3. Tesco wants to outshine their competitors and remain the market leader    4. The main aim of Tesco is to maximise profit    5. To provide goods/services that is cheap and affordable to consumers or the public.
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Tesco’s aim is to compare prices with other leading supermarkets so that they have a better chance with prices.  Their objectives are: To expand their sales and profit. To maintain their position as the top retail company in the world.  To surpass their competitors and preserve the market leader. To offer affordable products and provide services to the customers.
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Tesco is the leading food retailers in Britain and there are about 519 stores of Tesco in England, Wales and Scotland. Almost 44 stores are in Hungary and 105 in France. The objectives of the company as identified by the mission statement is to offer the customers the best value for the money they pay. It is a customers oriented retailing company which seeks opinions of the customers about the products quality of Tesco, stores facilities and services. Another objective of the company is to give maximum returns to the shareholders by improving the efficiency of the stores and bringing improvement in productivity through new technology. Moreover, sound management, training practices for the talented people, close business relations with the suppliers, strict quality and right price are some other main objectives of the company. The main motivating factors for any company are the objectives of the company and that is why Tesco is one of the successful companies.

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According to Tesco (as found on their corporate website at, their core purpose is "to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty." They further go on to state that their success depends on people, both those who shop with and work with them.      As Britain’s largest retailer and the fourth largest in the world, Tesco endeavors to meet their lofty objective by providing their customers with excellent value for their money with highly competitive prices and top notch customer service. Ultimately, by pleasing their customers and capturing their business for life this will make them a highly profitable business which in turn also pleases their shareholders which in the end is the true objective of all for profit companies.
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To remain the market leader and to outshine their competitors.
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Tesco’s objectives could be to achieve 10% more of the market share by January 2010 by making the quality better on products and making them at a reasonable price for customers and for the business. This is a SMART objective because the objective is specific and specifies what the business needs to achieve. The objective can be BADR. The objective is also time specific and realistic because there has been a specific time set and is achievable.
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The aims and objectives of Tesco are based on 4 P's of marketing which are Product, Price, Place and Public. Tesco Plc is a worldwide supermarket chain and is one of the biggest retailers in UK.

It started of by specializing in food and later spread in various fields like clothes and consumer goods. Tesco has a total market value worth ₤29.090 billion dated October 2006. Tesco was started by Jack Cohen in London's East End. It was launched in 1924 and currently is the fourth largest retailer in the world.

Wal-Mart of US, Carrefour of France and The Home Depot of US are the top three companies in the retail market list. In the year 1994 Tesco purchased the Scottish Supermarket brand William Low.
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Their general aims also consist of survival, meeting stakeholders needs, maximising sales renue (their income), maximising profit and growth

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