I Live In Los Angeles, CA And Lost My Claim Form For Unemployment Insurance Called A DE 4581. How Would I Go About Getting Another One If The Phones Are Always Busy And My Emails To The Unemployment Insurance Division Do Not Get Answered?


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The only other option is to go to the unemployment office in person,to find out any information that is needed because with the automated phones you don't know if anyone is just standing there or sitting there talking passing away time,so go in person to the office, best of luck to you.....
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Thank you so much.
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No offense to the previous answer giving person, but there is a better option copy this url https://eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov/eddcomm/asp/frmEDDCOMM.aspx and answer the simple questions such as you're inquiring regarding your unemployment Insurance Benefits from the list, & the rest should be pretty much self explanatory. I know that the phone line is always busy, & this is how I resolved the issue for myself, they'll respond back to you within 24 hours. Best of luck to you, & I'm sure you won't have this problem ever again!
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Go on the EDD website and *email* them your issue.  This is faster than the phone

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