Lost My Unemployment Debit Card, How To Get Another One?


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It really depends on which state you are from as each state’s regulations differ. You need to contact your state’s unemployment office as soon as you can. They may either issue a check or get a new card arranged for you.

It is more than likely that your unemployment card will have a service number that you can call if you lose the card. If you have not got this number written down anywhere you should contact your county authority and tell them what has happened. You could also probably get the number to call on the Internet or off someone you know who also has an unemployment debit card.

Once you have got in contact with a representative you will be asked for your name and you will probably need to verify your social security number or perhaps just the last four digits. Tell the representative your situation and request a replacement card. The representative will be able to tell you the current balance and the most recent transactions so you can confirm that the transactions were carried out by you. This is so you can rule out the possibility of fraudulent activity or the card falling into the wrong hands.

Replacement cards usually arrive by mail between five to seven working days and the current balance of your old card will have been automatically y transferred to the new card. It is best to check this in case it hasn’t been done by accident. There will usually be a number on the card that you need to call to activate the card before you can use it.

This will give you an idea of what you need to do when losing your card but it is important to remember that different states will vary in their procedures following a lost card.
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This number belongs to a fraudulent/scammer company that is claiming to be "Chase Bank". But it is in fact not affiliated with Chase. Their goal is to get your credit card number or Social Security #. DO NOT give them ANY information.

They also send out letters stating that you owe a balance and give you this same # as a call back #.
Again.. This is False and they are trying to get your personal info to steal your identity.

This # belongs to the "company"

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