Marked Wrong Box On My California Edd Continued Claim Form? How Do I Correct It?


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I need a continued claim form
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I had the same problem upon re-opening a claim. The funny part is, I actually spoke with a live rep (after hours of calling and holding) and it was SHE that made this mistake. The best advise I can give you is to call their main customer service line at (800) 300-5616, listen to the prompts and eventually press O to speak with an agent. Ensure to take down the agent's name that helped you, should you need to reference it for any irregularities later. Good luck
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The advantages of filing online for unemployment benefits at EDD (California) web-cert (EDD web cert) are that its fastest for EDD to receive your continued claim form DE 4581 to get the checks, FREE of cost, less hassle than paperwork, and you can track status of checks etc online.

EDD web cert is at

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