I Lost My Unemployment Card How Do I Get Another?


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There are a couple of ways to answer this question depending on the unemployment card you are talking about.

  • Unemployment Credit Card
Most states will issue an unemployment credit card that automatically receives the unemployment check each month. The money is set in a prepaid account and you can use the card like any debit or credit card to pay for groceries and other expenses covered by unemployment.

If you have lost this card, you need to call the Unemployment Agency. There should be a phone number on the paperwork you received when you received the card and activated it. This number is specific to the state you live in. You will have to cancel the card and get issued a new one. It can take a while for this process to go through, as most states do not take kindly to lost unemployment credit cards. You will have to prove it is lost and possibly fill out several different forms before a new one is sent. It is not just a simple phone call to get a new one sent.

  • Lost insurance unemployment card
There are also some states that provide insurance for those who are unemployed. These individuals may be on welfare or through the Medicaid program. A lost insurance card can also be replaced with a phone call to the insurance office. You may also stop by your local office. It is important to find the state phone number to get the office. A lot of times these phone numbers have issues working or you may find that you are routed through several automated systems only to be hung up on or told to call a different number. This is another reason that you may want to just visit the local office.
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Okk I called a number that was given to me earlier nn it was the wrong number is this a real number

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