The most common criticism of advertising concerns its effect on the consumer's beliefs?


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Why would that be Anonymous - this type of effect could be positive, could it not? And then if I were hiring an executive to market a product, I'd be over the moon if it increased sales and employee motivation. How good could that be! Advertising is highly geared to beliefs and the idiocyncracies of individual and groups and at national level too, if you like, and there's a huge difference. Well, it can not only change a belief, but misinform the person, who has gone with the flow and powerful point of sale display. These days we get it everywhere, and so many mega outlets to catch the customer. A human being responds to a mixture of fantasy and fiction, and often cannot tell the difference, the belief system. Try Maslow's theory, his hierarchy of human needs.... Belief systems are vulnerable and variable and well if advetising gets it right, their market research will have been on-the-ball. Hope useful - love the question...

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