What Are The Problems Facing Advertising In Nigeria?


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The main, fundamental problem that faces advertising in Nigeria is that there seems to be little in the way of quality control and this consequently has a lot of knock on effects.

  • Consumer protection

Because advertisers do not have to be accountable when it comes to advertising in Nigeria, the consumer is left wide open to false claims and in some instances dangerous practice. This is not something that applies simply to Nigerian advertisers but in fact to any advertiser who wishes to advertise in the country.

As a result some outlandish claims are made, such as the one made by Nestle, and which has caused worldwide outrage, that formula baby milk is superior to breast milk, and which has led to the deaths of thousands of babies throughout Africa.

  • Product awareness
There are other products that are advertised that in other countries are regulated vigorously, but in Nigeria, standards are not yet as rigid. An example of one of these products is tobacco. Other countries have very strict regulations regarding this; not just for the actual product, but in making sure that the consumer is fully aware of the very serious and often fatal consequences of smoking.

  • Authorities in Nigeria
There is a growing awareness in Nigeria of these problems and authorities have started to make a move in addressing them. They are aware of the damage that is being done as things stand, both to the consumer and to the advertising industry itself.

In 2006 alone, around $350 billion was spent globally by West African Publicity Ltd, and this has a massive impact on the country's economy so it is an area that needs to be taken seriously. It is not just the consumer that needs to be protected, but also the advertiser.

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