What Are The Advantages Of Advertisements Available To Consumer And To Society?


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Advantages to consumers:
The advertisement informs the consumer about qualities and price of goods and this makes purchasing easy for the consumers. As the prices are already advertised, the consumers cannot be over charged. By regular advertisement, the manufacturer can sell the goods directly to the consumers without depending on middlemen this eliminates the middlemen's charges and profit. It means higher profit to the manufacturer and lower prices to the consumers. It helps in improvement of the quality of the goods. The consumers are attracted by the quality of the products that are advertised. If the consumers are convinced that the quality is the same that is advertised, they continue buying. It helps the consumer to save time. As the consumer has already been the consumer is not required to spend time in getting the products. It raises the living standard of consumers. It provides knowledge about the new designs of the commodities to consumers and thus consumers consume those commodities and increase their living standard.

Advantages to society:
Advertisement increases employment opportunities in the society and indirectly. It provides employment to many artists, writers and experts. It has educative value. It educates the public regarding the uses and benefits of different products. It also helps the press. Every newspaper or journal caries a large number of advertisements. Without advertising it would not have been possible for the press to sell the papers and journals at a price at which they are sold today. It develops healthy competition and healthy growth of business takes place.
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Advertisements have a lot of advantages.Can you think of a world without advertisemsnts?It will be very difficult for the consumers if there were no advertisements to make them aware of the price and quality of the products that are daily used by them. Advertisements can also educate peple by advertising non - commercial issues like awareness on AIDS,deforestation,protecting wildlife....etc.Everything in this world has both good and bad aspects.We the new generation should learn to see the advantages of advertisements than its disadvantages.


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