Hello, I Need A Student Loan Or Any Loan For 1500 Dollars. My Credit Is Bad With No Cosigner Any Suggestions?


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If you are neither having
cosigner nor good credit history then private student loans without cosigner is
one of the best solutions for you. It is amazing loan program that offer
monetary help even to bad creditors. With the help of this loan program you can
get required amount of money to manage your educational expenses. So, you can
apply for Private student loan without cosigner. In order to get this loan you
will have to fill an online application form and submit some required
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Student loans are a great source of financial aid for students
who need help paying for their education. Unfortunately, students often
leave college with burdensome debt.
For further information:
Student loan tips
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If you have a bad credit history, you are unlikely to get any bank to give you a student loan. My advise is to leave your studies for a semester and get a job. That way, you could clear up your debts and be able to save part of the money for college. Then, the banks even may be more willing to lend you money.
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Being a student, you must be doing some part-time job. If it is so, then it can help you getting a car loan. But with other sundry expenses, maintaining regular payments can become very difficult for you.

Bad credit and no co-signer make it difficult for you. If you are ready to make a substantial down payment, then are some chances of approval.
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Have you researched all possibilities for grants and state aid? Have you talked to your financial aid counselor at your school? Can you get employment where your employer offers a tuition reimbursement program - or where you can build up some exxperience as an intern before continuing your education or employment?

Ask yourself the reasons behind your parents, and especially your husband's lack of support for your education. When I listened an followed my husband's disapproval of my graduate studies, it took me a later divorce, and another 30 years before I returned to studies I should have continued 30-years earlier.

If you are capable of obtaining a higher education, you are capable of researching and asking questions to find a solution - it may not be exactly what you want, but you'll find it.
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I have no idea I am in the same boat someone please help
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You should not worry about student loan without cosigner, just fill up the FAFSA application form and take out maximum federal student loans. The Federal Student Loan does not need a cosigner because it provides help to student for completing higher education. There are many private Student Loans without cosigner available that offers student loan without a cosigner.
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This is actually a difficult problem. Better fix your finances first and your bad credit before getting a student loan. It will be difficult to get one if you will continue this way and if you do get your student loan, you may even end up being in full debt. Do things one at a time and fix your priorities first.
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I am a student and I can't get a loan without a co-signer because I have high credit card debt. I really need some help where to go for help in this situation. Nobody wants to put their credit on the line because of your credit is not good.
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In today's banking world...you will probably not get a loan. They advertise these "gett $1500 right into your checking account",,,,,They are very high interest loans.  Good Luck
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We borrowed some money from cashloancity com. That's the only place I'll ever use online again.
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Don't trust this person...he or she is not legit. Anyone offering you a loan when you have bad credit and no cosigner is conning you. If you DO get a loan, it will be with enormously high interst that you will NEVER be able to pay off.
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There are many mortgage companies that will provide you with loan still you have bad credit. There are some credit consolidation services providers that will help you to find out information about student loan.

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