I need to move in a few weekS. I need a personal loan but I dont have a job and my ex left me with bad credit. Does any one know some one who will give me a loan?


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There are many companies who will give loans to people with bad credit, though without a job, and therefore means to repay, that could be difficult.

Is there any way that you could ask a relative or friend to lend the money to you? The problem with commercial loans is that the interest is very high - especially for people with bad credit.

It is a pity that loan companies penalise people who are down on their luck. The reason is that they need to know that they will be paid back in full, and the insurance they need to take out to cover that is higher, so they have to cover it from their side.

Could you prove that the bad credit is down to your ex? Maybe you have a legal right to get the debts removed as they are not yours. It is very unfair that you are left to pay for someone else's mistakes.

The best option of course, would be to try to find work. Is there a chance you could get a few hours part time work to help you get by?

Loans are fine on a short term basis, but unfortunately they rarely stay short term. A default leaves you in further debt, and it's tempting to take out another loan to cover the debt from the first one. If you can avoid that route it really is best.

Good luck with your move, a fresh start sounds just what you need!

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