I Have No Job And Bad Credit And I Need Cash Now. What Can I Do?


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If you are unemployed and have a bad credit score and need money in an emergency, your best option is to try and get a Crisis Loan from the Government. 

This is an interest free, short-term loan which will enable you to meet the everyday needs of you and your family in a crisis or following an emergency such as a fire or flood.

Getting an emergency loan when you don't have a job
The amount you can borrow is determined by the borrowers’ individual circumstances as everyone is different and any other benefits that you are getting, such as Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance will not be affected. 

Like any other loan though, it has to be re-paid in full and an adviser at your local Jobcentre will be able to work out a suitable repayment plan for you which is usually over a maximum period of 78 weeks.

In some cases though, this may be extended to 104 weeks.

Applying for a crisis loan
The reason why you need the money must fall into certain criteria.  A Crisis Loan cannot be used to consolidate existing debts that you may have or to buy a car or to pay for a family holiday.

It may take a few days for you the money to be deposited into your bank account, but, as already mentioned, it is an interest free loan so you will only pay back the amount you borrowed and no more.

Applying for a payday loan when you have bad credit
The only other option that is available to you which may get you the money you need more quickly is a 'Payday Loan'. 

You can get one of these if you don’t have a job but they do usually like you to have one so that they can see you are capable of paying it back. You must also be aged 18 years or above and have a bank account in your name ideally although it is possible to get one without a bank account.

The only downside to Payday Loans is that they have very high interest rates attached to them so you will pay back a lot more than you originally borrowed and you will only have a short time in which to repay the money back to the lender.
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You can apply for unemployment if you have nothing and are jobless. Secondly, you can apply for government grants and loans.
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Govt grants and loans are not exactly 'instant' or 'now' - you have to wait ages for any real cash to come your way.

Depending on why you are desperate, and what country you live in, you can (in UK) go to the DSS and ask for an emergency loan. You may have something similar in the USA. If your need is for something unsupported by the state (i.e. NOT food, shelter) you will have trouble.

If it is to pay off previous bad debt before you get knee-capped, I suggest again - go to govt dept dealing with social issues and ask for debt advice - most governments in the west have this sort of set-up, or a Citizens Advice Bureau.

It sounds as if you could do with some serious financial advice re sorting your life out. What is the reason you have no job? Is there any way you could work? If not, you should be claiming incapacity benefits.
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Well, there are lot of things that pop up on Google, but be very careful on the loan because they will end up charging you more than what you are asking for.

You'd probably ask to borrow more to pay the other loan off, it's just a bad circle.
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Go to a Plato's Closet and sell old clothes that you don't wear anymore. If you have any electronics or other things, sell those on eBay. 

You'll be raking in the dough in no time!
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I'm a student attending a training program where I get certified to be an Medical Administrative Assistant, but I have no financial assistance.

I need living expenses but I'm not working and I need money to survive because child support just isn't doing it!
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  • Grab a paper cup and a busy street corner...
  • Grab some old clothes in decent condition and look for a used/new/trade clothing store in your area...
  • Contact any relative you can get a hold of by telephone, discard all your pride, and expect to get rejected...

Using Firefox as your web browser, make sure to get the Web of Trust add-on before you Google fast cash sites; ones that are unreliable will show up in red with the WOT add-on installed.

Ideas for making money fast:
  • If you've got a computer, you've got an investment. Wipe the hard drive and pawn the thing, sell anything and everything you possess on craigslist!

  • Make crafts out of objects you found lying on the street and sell them; no overhead except maybe thread or glue.

  • Clean up and dress up as nice as you can and walk into every restaurant in town saying you'd like to be a host/hostess or bus tables. If you get lucky and one puts you to work, even if you do a crappy job, you'll still get a cut of the tips, at least for one day.

  • Find a group of men hanging out in large numbers on random street corners; these men are usually cash-for-hire workers that rich folk pick up for cheap labor like gardening or custodial work.
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I am in the same position! My line of work was automated by technology. I went from 27 an hour to EI to welfare. I sent 2400 resumes since 2009! I only found two temp jobs at 11 an hour that used to pay 20. YOu cannot get a loan if you have bad credit period! I tried many times! I just applied to a course I want to take that will give me work but its too short to get a loan and if I do qualify its 700 miles away and they only pay the course not your rent, food and trip there. I live off 180 a month and that includes food. I am stuck in ottawa with a crazy roomate because there is no money, no work. I have no credit cards I used to before 1 million job loss in canada.......I dont even owe that much money! I wont have a christmas at all I am very depressed.......
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Well I have seven kids and I am not working and my hubby doesn't even want help me with money problems, he acts like he's a kid too and he wines like a big baby!
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In situations like this you really have to get yourself back up in shape. You can't rely on the government or others to do these things for you.
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You can donate things like sperm, blood...

Other than that, you will get hit with high fees that could be close to 100% and you will fail to pay and that is tough.

Go get a job or 2 jobs a lot of people do that... If you want something bad enough, get another job.
Lower yourself and work at McDonald's or anything... Nothing comes without working for it.

Sorry bud!
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Sell something, take something to the pawn shop. Ask your neighbors if there is something you can do for them to make some quick cash!

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