How Can I Get A Loan To Pay For Living Expenses While I Attend College Full Time?


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Generally, you can get these types of loans in banks. It is important that you find a cosigner who currently has good credit standing so you will not have any problem when it comes to the amount you are planning to get.

Nowadays, a lot of banks offer programs that are especially designed for college students to obtain loans.

For example, Bank of America offers private loans for both underclassmen and graduating college students. The private loans they offer are usually for those students who are trying to obtain a loan to cover all expenses for their college education. These private loans are designed to have flexible payment options so that students will not have a hard time paying it back. The minimum loan amount is $1,000 and the minimum monthly payment can be as low as $50. 

The Wachovia Education Loan is another option. Like the private loans of Bank of America, this loan is very flexible and covers education expenses that are not usually covered by the federal aid programs. Some of the advantages of trying to acquire the Wachovia Education Loan are that you can apply online, expect a quick response for approval, and their student loans do not require any kind of payment for up to five years. They also boast a top-rated customer service which attends to all your inquiries about the loans.

If you want to check out these banks’ student loans, all you have to do is visit their respective websites. There are also sites who offer loans that would surely help students pay for their living and education expenses while attending college full time. Now that you know that it is very possible for you to obtain these types of loans, it’s up to you what option you will choose.
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Usually private student loans can help cover those costs... Do you need a loan to cover your school or the expenses? Because if you're paying for your schooling out of pocket and paying for your expenses with a loan, you may want to switch it the other way around.
But either way, you need to be making the right choice about your loan and compare offers. I rep for a site that lets you apply for student loans and get up to six offers from different lenders. So, when it does come time to pick out a student loan, you can pick out the best one.
But I noticed you also said you were paying for your mortgage with this loan... Sometimes it's rough to pay for a loan with another loan, so once again, you may want to think about paying for your schooling with the student loan and then paying for your expenses out of pocket.
Another option you may want to consider is scholarships and grants that may be available for pharmacy students. And you could also see about doing work study at your school... But you may not be able to make a ton from that. Of course you could always do a combination of any of the above!
By the way, you may want to talk to your financial aid office, they can help, too.
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There are banks which lend student loans...
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As far as my knowledge is concerned, if you have taken any kind of federal loan, you can use the loan only to pay for the tuition expenses. Of you have taken out the private student loans, then it offers the total cost of attendance and you can use the amount for paying the living expenses so incurred at the college.

If you have taken any kind of federal loan, my advice would be to opt for any kind of student loans for living expenses which would help you to pay for the books, mess charge, internet fees etc.
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Acquiring a loan now a day is getting more and more difficult. But there are some loan providers out there who are willing to take on individuals who are in needs of specific amounts.

It takes time to find the right loan, but I'm sure you'll find the right one that suits your situation.

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