I need an emergency loan of only $1,500 for 12 months. I have bad credit and cannot get a loan anywhere except a PayDay loan which does not help. I need to repair my vehicle immediately, cannot drive it?


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I know there is a lot of new places that give out loans with no credit checks. Have you tried searching places in your area that do not require a credit check?

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Darrin Parkhurst
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There are plenty of places, you are right. I took a small payday loan out and paid it back. Not enough to help much. These payday loans are brokers who take all of your personal info including bank accounts, SSN, telephone, etc...and share it with up to hundreds of others. I have non stop phone calls daily from payday loan companies now and have also been hacked and someone trying to use ID fraud now. Bad idea... I need an honest lender! Sick of the hassle.

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