I Am A Single Mother With Bad Credit And In Desparate Need Of A Personal Loan In The Amount Of $4000. Is There Any Help Out There?


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It doesn't say if you have a job or not and whether or not you have a bank account and these two factors are fairly important.

Even with a job and a bank account actually getting a loan from you bank itself may not be an easy, if not impossible task.

Bad credit and desperate for a loan? Here's what to do:
There are plenty of companies out there willing to loan money to people with bad credit

If you are working the only option that may be left open to you is to go online and look for a Payday Loan. However, you will have to repay it when you got your next pay check - so you might find yourself in an even worse situation next month!

If you are not working, this may pose a problem. Many loan companies require that you have a regular income before they issue any funds into your account.       

Here's a couple of useful tips to bear in mind:

Things to remember when looking for a bad credit loan deal:
1. It is important that you are fully aware and realistic about the amount that you wish to borrow.

2. Make an inventory of everything you have coming in and going out. By doing so you will have an idea of what you can afford to pay back as far as repaying the loan is concerned.

3. Go on the internet and do an online search for Bad Credit Loans which will bring up a list of lenders that may be able to help you.

4. Make sure that you check the interest rate attached to the loan, monthly repayments, is the loan secured or unsecured, etc before committing yourself to anything.

5. After looking carefully at all the lenders and loan options available choose the best one that fits your needs and circumstances.

6. Once you decide which lender you are going to go with contact the Better Business Bureau as they will be able to tell you whether any complaints have been received against your prospective lender. If there are then you need to choose another one.

7. When you are happy with the lender you have chosen and their repayment terms and interest rate fill in their online application form.

8. Make sure that you have read and fully understood the lenders terms and conditions before committing yourself to applying for anything.
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I totally understand your situation. And, in my opinion, most of the companies you'll find on the internet are not worth looking at:

I tried to apply with payday loan companies, but they just keep sending me to more sites that promise up to $1500 in under an hour.

Then when you fill out the application, their "lenders" are just more brokers that promise up to $1500 in an hour. I have filled out applications all morning, and just keep getting more brokers, not loan companies.

If you're really in need of some money fast, here's where you can go:

Use comparison websites like comparethemarket.com. Sites like this can help you quickly compare what kind of loans are actually available.
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I know exactly how you feel or the places I talk to wants you to send money upfront and then they will release ypur loan.
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Try American General or Citi Finacial - they are pretty good for that stuff, or maybe join a credit union - the loan money when most places do not. Just type in credit unions anyone can join. Stay away from all and any payday loans, they bite!
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I know exactly how you feel I am a single mum of 3 and I am barely keeping it together, I also have bad credit and I can not get a loan any where!

As also promised, I have taken out cash day loans and they are putting me deeper into debt just to keep myself afloat! I am also exhausted, out of options, and I don't think there is such a place for us single parents!
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Basically,I am in serious need of help. I work but with three kids it just seems impossible.I do not know what else to do either!
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I feel the same way too.  I'm a single mom of four got a  full time job
and as hard as i work its still not enough. I got tons of bills piling
up and i barely could keep up with the rent.

I went to payday loans to
pay off some bills but yeah it was a mistake bcause I'm even buried now
as it is.  But there was no other resort at that time coz i have nobody
to turn to.

I searched the internet for a palce to loan me 5000 dollars
but they just point me to paydayloans who can only lend up to 1000
dollars with outrageous interest plus they take my money as soon as my
pay check comes in. 

Sad but i have to fight and look for other means. I
feel as though im a bad person coz not only i'm a single mom but with
bad credit and always been turned down.

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