I Need A $2500 Dollar Emergency Short Term Personal Credit Loan (No Payday Loans). Can You Help?


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My advice would be to check out the advice that your local government department provides.

Whatever you do, stay away from those quick-fix payday loan companies (none of them will lend you up to $2500 anyway).

Getting an emergency $2500 personal loan
There are two steps you should take if you're struggling to make ends meet:

Visit the website of your local government advice center. In the UK, the Citizen's Advice Bureau is great for providing financial advice and debt management solutions.

In the United States, www.usa.gov is a useful source of information regarding government benefits, grants, and financial aid.

In my experience, the first place you should look for a loan is the bank. They're often the best source of low-interest loans, because they can afford to lend at this rate.

If you opt for a high-interest pay day loan, then you may struggle to ever get out of debt!
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I need a small personal loan of $2500.00 to pay taxes and some small bills, but my credit is poor and my debt ratio is low.

I make gross amount of $3500.00, but even I'm struggling to get a loan!
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I need a loan for $2500.00 and I don't want a payday because they only give around 300.00.

I would have too may payday loans then and I have poor credit - so yeah, basically I'm in the same boat!
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I have bills to catch up on need money asap, no worries of paying it back.

If ANYONE offers you a loan based on this info, be skeptical. People loan money for one thing, and one thing only: to make money. If you can't afford your cost of living right now, get free advice from local government bodies as the first step. Always. Do it now, don't be shy or ashamed. We all do it from time to time. Don't go running for a loan, as they will either scam your or put you in a worse position,

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It is only your business what kind of loan to get. When I wanted to take out a payday loan and asked people about that, there were many skeptical and critical posts. But no matter what service you use, it is great to know how much money you will have to pay every month. Here my advice is to use a loan payments calculator. It helped me a lot when I was on the same boat. 

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