How Can I Get A 4,000.00 Dollar Loan With Fair Credit? I Already Tried American General And They Didnt Approve Me Even When They Say They Can Approve Bad Credit Loans I Need Help Now.


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Try  This is a website where private lenders are matched with would be borrowers.  I have not used it myself, but it has a good reputation, so look it up and see if the terms are to your liking.

Basically, you will be credit rated.  You then make a request for a loan for the $4,000.00, explaining why you want it and the interest rate you are prepared to pay.  If you have a very good credit rating you will probably get away with 10% or 12%.  But if your credit rating is bad, you might have to accept interest rates of up to 25%.  Private people who are prepared to lend money then bid to lend a portion of the money, stating the interest they wish to receive.  I am sure the staff there would be able to advise you how to present yourself if you contact them, and also how the system works in much greater detail.

But do beware of getting out of the frying pan into the fire.  You should only take on the loan if the interest rate is lower than what you are already charged on the money now, or if you are in debt which you cannot pay back and a high interest rate is the best deal you can get to keep you from defaulting.  Also do make sure that you really, truly can afford the monthly payment you will have to make before committing yourself, if you are successful with your application and decide to go ahead.
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I need to pay off small bills due to hours on my job so I can have one bill other then utilities I has tried with others they didnt approve the loan if you can help it would be appreciated
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If you have an account with a federal credit union, and you have a job, they would probably do it. Ask your bank whichever one you have, and see if they can lead you in the right direction. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Have you checked a federal credit union? They often have the lowest rates for vechicle loans....
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Just apply for a credit card most company's would more than welcome you as a new card holder , but be sure to pay it off ASAP

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