How do i check the status of my medicaid filed in new york state?


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If you have a look at this site you will be able to find all of the contact numbers for Medicaid in New York Site: You should be able to find out where you are up to from here.
The site also answers many questions that are asked about Medicaid including what your income needs to be before you qualify.

  • Claiming when income is above the required level
There are some people who can still claim Medicaid even if their income is above the levels that have been dictated. Disabled people, pregnant women and children are all eligible to claim if they have medical bills and their income is higher than what is usually the norm.

There may also be resources available for people over the age of 65 and those who are certified as blind.

  • Other benefits
Even if someone has too much income to be able to get Medicaid there are other things that they may be enttitled to, such as Family Health Plus or the Family Planning Benefit Program.

  • Family Health Plus
This is an initiative catered to individuals between the ages of 19 and 64 whose income is too high for them to qualify for Medicaid. It doesn't matter whether you are single or have children; as long as you are a resident of New York State, a citizen of the United States or fall under particular immigration categories you can claim.

There are some minimal payments for some of the services that are available, which are provided through managed care plans from participating sources.

  • Family Planning Benefit Program
This is a program for the people of New York who need family planning services but who cannot afford them. The objective of the program is to make sure that people can avoid unwanted pregnancies.
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Just moved, now 914 new york area code is what I fill in completing all the forms and when you are at a new place, it might become really hard to figure things out, especially if it's such a big city as new yourk.

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