How Do I Check My Status With Medicaid Michigan?


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To check a Michigan Medicaid status, it is necessary to call the state Medicaid office. The necessary contact information can be obtained from the State Medicaid Directors (NASMD) site. Alternatively, the NASMD can be called on 202 682-0100 to get the relevant information.

  • Medicaid Number
The Medicaid state office then has to be called in order to obtain the Medicaid number, unless it is already known. In order to get the Medicaid number, a full name, date of birth, Social Security number and legal address will have to be provided.

Some states offer a search engine for finding Medicaid numbers online, although most of them do not offer this service. If Michigan does, this may be used instead of calling.

  • Verifying the Status
Either the local or state Medicaid office can now be contacted in order to confirm the Medicaid status. The Medicaid number obtained will now be needed. If a Medicaid card is used, the number should be listed on the back.

Inactive Medicaid
If it is discovered that the Medicaid is currently not active, information regarding the reasons for the Medicaid not being active should be obtained. It is often possible to file an appeal against the decision if it turns out that the Medicaid was discontinued because the Medicaid office has lost submitted paperwork, or if it was determined for some reason that Medicaid requirements are no longer met.

  • Appealing Against a Decision
To appeal against a decision, the individual's case manager should be contacted. The case manager will be able to advise the individual and guide them through the appeal process.

A letter addressed to the Bureau of Appeals should be sent to the appeals representative of the relevant Medicaid office. An appeal form will then have to be filled in by the appealing individual.
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The only way I know of is to call 1-800-642-3195. It is partly automated, just push "1" to listen to the main menu, then follow the prompts. You have to enter your Social Security and Birth date to know your status. Hope this helps

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