How To Find Out My Bank Balance?


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If you’re not set-up for online banking (which allows you to access many of your bank’s services and view your account via the internet), the easiest way to find out your bank balance is to visit an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), otherwise know as a ‘cash point’ or more colloquially, ‘hole in the wall’. Most banks and building societies in the UK allow anyone to use their cash machines even if you don’t actually bank with their company. Simply put your bankcard into the slot and enter your pin number the same as if you were withdrawing cash. When the menu comes up there will be an option to ‘check balance’ and then a further option of either having the balance displayed on the screen or printed off on a small slip of paper like a receipt. This may also show you the most recent transactions concerning your account. Bear in mind that if the cash machine you use belongs to a bank other than your own, the balance shown may not be completely up to date. Furthermore, if you are abroad and using a foreign cash machine you may not be able to view your balance this way at all.
Alternatively, you can go into your bank and ask the cashier to tell you your balance. For this you will still need your bankcard so that the cashier can swipe it to bring up the relevant details on his or her computer screen. As with the ATM, it’s possible to have the amount printed on a slip if this is your preference. You can also phone the bank to ask for your balance, but must have your card details at the ready and be prepared to answer some security questions to validate your identity.
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Go to a cashpoint or atm if you have a cashpiont card and follow the intructions on the sreen. You are looking for account balance. Alternatively you could go to your bank and ask, or you could apply for online banking by using your computer.

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