What Is My Balance In My Account Of United Bank Of India?


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There are many ways to find out your balance at the United Bank of India. Firstly, you can visit your local cash machine which accepts your particular type of bank card and request to view balance either on screen or printed. If you do not have a local bank or cash machine which accepts this type of card you may want to sign up to e-banking, tele banking or SMS Banking. Your balance will also be stated on your statements which you receive through the post but they may not be completely up to date since your last transaction.

Signing up to e-banking is extremely easy. Everyone who has a current or savings account is eligible to become part of e-banking. It is also extremely secure needed passwords and account data to log-in, to allow no unauthorized access to your account. The advantages of internet banking are:

• Once an account is made, it is quick and easy to access.
• It allows you to view your balance as well as check transaction history or make payments to other accounts.
• It is completely free to set up.
• It's open 24/7.

However, you will have to set up your online account in advance and you may not be able to immediately access data.

Telebanking is also a very common way to request balances and is also open 24/7 and completely free to us. All you need to do is dial a number and follow the instructions. It will ask you for your personal pin but all data submitted is completely secure. To do this, you will have to set it up with the United Bank of India but it may take less time than e-banking to be completed.

Finally, SMS Banking allows mini statements, balance queries etc. To be sent to your mobile phone. You must activate this through email. However, unlike the other ways, this does cost the standard rate per SMS to request in information, so the other methods are most cost efficient.
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