How Can I Check My Yorkshire Bank Balance Online?


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Go to the website  Click on the link 'Internet banking.'  The online banking facility gives you the option to view your accounts,  check your balance online, transfer funds, pay your bills, supervise your standing orders, view and stop your direct-debits.

First you need to register yourself as an internet banking customer. You should click on the link 'registration' under 'internet banking' and follow the guidelines. You can call up 08457 365 365, choose the option 3 and speak to the phone banking adviser who will be able to help you with the registration. Make sure you have the account number and the sort code ready.

After the registration is done, you should receive the customer number and the one time password. The customer number is a 10 digit number which starts with '30'.  To login, use your customer number and password, and you will be able to view your balance online.
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