How can I get to know my bank balance?


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Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Either with your ATM card and check balance or go in the bank with all your info and ask them for it. Has to be done with an ATM or in person!

Marta Catalano Profile
Marta Catalano answered

You have four different options to check your balance (depending on the bank you're with). You could:

  • go to an ATM machine with your card and check the balance, as Rooster said
  • call the bank and ask them to let you know (be prepared to answer a lot of security questions though)
  • go to the bank personally and ask them there
  • go to your online bank account (if you have one) enter your details (personal ID and password) and check it from there
If you do any of the latter, always remember to carry an ID with you and be aware of the fact that they might ask you for personal details (like your mom's maiden name or the ones you selected when you opened your account) and, obviously, don't forget your card! Hope this helps.

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