How To Check My Natwest Bank Account Online?


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Like any bank that makes customer accounts available online, if you want to check your Natwest Bank account online you will first have to tell the bank that you want to have an online account. This could be as simple as calling customer service or whichever department handles setting up web accounts. Some banks require that you go down to your nearest branch and fill out some paperwork.

Once your account number is associated to the online banking system, then you need to go to the homepage of the bank and set up your online account. This involves coming up with a username and a password. Your username can be something like your name and a number or a combination of your first and last name. If your name is John Smith, for example, you might want to do something like jsmith2011 or something. It is important to register a username that you will remember easily.

The same thing goes for your password. The ironic thing about the password is that it should be something you easily remember but not something that other people can easily figure out. Most online banking systems require that your password is alpha-numeric which means that you use both letters and numbers.

It is also common that you will have to answer a series of security questions. This is necessary in case you forget your password or the system suspects someone is trying to get unauthorized access to your account.

Finally, you will have to give them your email address. You need to have an active email address where the bank can send updates, newsletters, and links for other services. They will also use your email address in combination with the answers to your security questions to verify your identity when you need to reset your password.

Online banking with NatWest is relatively quick and easy to set up. To sign up you need to be aged 16 or over and have a NatWest current account, credit card, savings account or loan.

When you sign up they will give you a Customer Number. Keep this safe - you'll need it every time you log in.

If you enter your debit card details when you sign up, you could receive instant access to your accounts, which means you can check up to the minute balances and transactions and transfer money between your NatWest accounts straight away.

If you don’t have a debit card, they will send you an Activation Code by post that you'll receive within 5 to 7 days. You’ll need this to access the full online banking service.

Online banking puts you in control of many of your NatWest accounts, including your current account. It also lets you carry out some everyday transactions on your credit card account.

For example, you can view or download your transactions or pay your credit card from your current account.

However, Credit Card Online Services lets you do more to manage your credit card online. You can:
•Monitor your credit card - keep track of your credit card spending 24 hours a day, including up-to-date transaction and balance details
•Receive free alerts - to keep you up to date with your credit card balance and when your payment is due
•Use your credit card for more - pay bills, make a balance transfer and transfer money to your NatWest current account or any other UK bank account
•Pay your credit card bill - make a payment from any UK debit card
•Go paperless - with online statements you can see and download statements from the last six months
•Manage your personal details - update all of your contact details online
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How can I check my bank balance via online or text
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you go online to your bank like and then you should be able to type in your card details and then you can find out! It does take some searching on the website though!
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I wont to check me bank balance on line but I don't understand it

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