Advantage And Disadvantage Of Advertisement. Do You Know?


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The advantages and disadvantages of advertising boils down to one aspect key aspect - cost.


Advertising is generally costly, but has to be viewed as an investment and a cost that is going to pay for itself many times over. There are many different types of advertising and not all forms of advertising cost money. The most effective form is word of mouth - when previous customers make recommendations to others. This type of endorsement is invaluable and comes off the back of good service previously delivered. Word of mouth advertising however rarely delivers massive results, instead it is more likely to bring a steady stream of business and enhanced reputation.

Media advertising through television, radio and newspapers is a reliable way of driving sales and results, but is an expensive venture. Selecting your target audience and the medium best suited to reach that audience is an art in itself, but when completed properly provides great returns.


The downside of advertising is that you have to have your business geared up to cope with additional demand, as well as targeting the right audience. If you spend money on a campaign and do not have the stock or manpower to deal with the demand that follows, it could end up being counter-productive. Being unable to match demand or meet promises can be very damaging to the reputation of a company. If customers are let down or not happy with the service they receive following an advertising campaign, it could be a long time before they consider doing business again.

A well planned, targeted advertising campaign can revolutionize a company, bringing them to the public attention and creating a market that can continue to pay dividends for months to come. By keeping the message straightforward and simple a campaign can create a favorable impression, leading to inquires and orders, and giving the company the opportunity to maximize business and profits.
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There are many advantages and disadvantages of advertisements. The first advantage is that it is the process through which consumers are made aware of the products and services available in the market. Secondly, it leads to sales promotion of a company which usually results in increasing the sales volume of the company. Thirdly, there are a number of advertising Medias and channels and it decreases the costs of advertising. Moreover, it can increase the brand positioning in the market and make the brand visible.

On the other hand, there are a number of negative impacts of advertising like it can create over-commercialization which can increase frustration in people. Secondly, it can be expensive, if the companies go for expensive media channels. Advertising usually over-emphasize the features of the products or the services. Advertising can also increase competition and it can create advertisement war within competitors.
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising
To prevent complete commercialization of electronic media, some countries have made it mandatory for broadcasters to air some advertisements related to consumer interest.
Advertising is the name given to the process of commercial promotion of goods and services in order to increase its sales. Advertising can be done by means of a number of mediums like television, newspapers, wall paintings, billboards, magazines, Internet, by the word-of-mouth and in many other ways. Advertising informs the buyers about the availability of a certain product or service in the market and encourages them to buy it.

The main objectives of advertising are:
* Increasing the usage of a certain product and hence acquiring more orders.
* Creating new customers and increasing brand recognition.
* To obtain feedback from customers regarding a certain product.
* To indicate introduction of new products or replacement of old ones.

Advertising has a number of uses. Apart from promoting commercial goods, advertising can also be used to educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues such as AIDS, deforestation, family planning, etc. It is a powerful media which is capable of reaching to the far out masses. Now a days we find many ads on the internet also. These ads in most cases, have been successfully in connecting the user with the information he requires. To prevent complete commercialization of electronic media, some countries have made it mandatory for broadcasters to air some advertisements related to consumer interest. These public advertisements educate people of that country on a number of social and moral issues.

However, some people are very keen on exposing the negative side of advertising. The impact that advertisements cause depends on the state of mind of an individual and his past experiences. For instances, young kids will be easily attracted by the false claims made in advertisements. People are also arguing about the increase in consumption of substances like alcohol and cigarettes after viewing the ads. Excessive advertising has become a nuisance in most cities of the world. Manufacturers easily make false claims about any product and influence the minds of the people. To confront this problem, companies are being asked to withdraw any false and negative claims made in their ads and also being made to pay a fine for these false claims.
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There are various advantages of advertising like it is way for promoting a product or service. It also increases the awareness among the consumers. It also provides a way to communication non-commercial issues like awareness to diseases like AIDS. Similarly, women who are not aware of family planning can be taught the ways through advertising. There are various types of advertising medias which can promote a message to a mass audience like TV and internet. Advertisements also create fun for users if they are having some interesting music, funny scenes and inspiring stories. Advertising can be in various forms like text, audio as well as in graphical form.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of advertisements as well. Advertisement can create fuss and frustration in people. This can happen because of over-commercialization. Sometimes, the target audience does not like a special theme or message in the ad. Children can get negative impact from advertisement of some products. Some products are advertised which are not for target audience but their promotions becomes an ethical practice like alcohol. Competition among the same sort of companies can also increase over-commercialization and negative advertisements against rivals.

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Sunder Mor  (Sunny)Advantage  of advertisement :-----Promote a product ( by Companies), People know about a variety of products, save time,  Increases   Government  taxesDisadvantages  of Advertisement :------Expensive for advertisement , Influence of children,,  Misleading , Competition  between companies
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Disadvantage Of Advertisement.
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The advantages of advertising would be to increase sales or to promote whatever product or items needed to be promoted or sold..The disadvantages would be not enough help to handle the volume, or not enough product to handle the advertisement.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck.
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Advertising's Biggest Advantages

You have complete control. Unlike public relations efforts, you determine exactly where, when and how often your message will appear, how it will look, and what it will say. You can target your audience more readily and aim at very specific geographic areas and vertical markets.
You can be consistent, presenting your company's image and sales message repeatedly to build awareness and trust. A distinctive identity will eventually become clearly associated with your company, like McDonald's golden arches. Customers will recognize you quickly and easily - in ads, mailers, packaging or signs - if you present yourself consistently.
What Are Advertising's Drawbacks?

It takes planning. Advertising works best and costs least when planned and prepared in advance. For example, you'll pay less per ad in newspapers and magazines by agreeing to run several ads over time rather than deciding issue by issue. Likewise, you can save money by preparing a number of ads at once.
It takes time and persistence. The effectiveness of your advertising improves gradually over time, because customers don't see every one of your ads.
You must repeatedly remind prospects and customers about the benefits of doing business with you. The long-term effort triggers recognition and helps special offers or direct marketing pay off.
Advertising costs money. Advertising is only one tool in your sales and marketing arsenal and its cost-effectiveness has to be compared to other business building tactics. Is it better to hire a new sales rep or place an advertisement in the local newspaper? You should always consider your ROI and your opportunity costs before you start an advertising campaign.

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